The GS Omni: The best of the Best


The GS Omni analyzer has the following benefits:

  • Draws upon 30 years of online PGNAA experience
  • Latest generation PGNAA slurry analyzer
  • Uses proven CB Omni platform with over 1000 units sold
  • As distinct from the common XRF technique, most light elements can be directly measured
  • The PGNAA technique is not affected by variations in particle size (up to 5 mm), due to the high penetration of neutron and gamma rays
  • Scintillation Detectors do not require cooling
  • Factory calibrated and only requiring infrequent site checks/maintenance with supplied reference standards
  • When used with a representative primary sampler (SamStat-30C) the multiplexer can be used for near metallurgical quality. This presents an opportunity for cost saving on duplication of sampling systems
  • Unique sample presentation system that ensures a significant and constant volume to the detection system 

GS Omni Components

The analyzer has many components in common with the widely used Thermo Scientific Cross Belt Analyzer (CB Omni) platform such as the detector, digital signal processing and electronics, neutron source, shielding blocks and software. The GS Omni analyzer can offer higher source strength and multiple detectors to increase accuracy or shorter measurement times when demanded by the application. The remote diagnostics (down to the detector) with our specialized service support, ensures long term optimum analyzer performance.

The multiplexer (used for up to eight streams), has been designed to give low maintenance operation.

Fixed slot sampler diverters are located on the multiplexer feed for each stream. This permits collection of shift composite sample for metallurgical accounting purposes. The multiplexer also provides de-aeration of frothy process streams to ensure a high level of accuracy.

Service and Support

Our service and support network offers a complete array of services designed to help you maintain the availability and accuracy of your analysis system. Affording around the clock support with guaranteed response times, customised training and a commitment to new performance and technology. 

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