The CB Omni: The Best of the Best


The expertise of Thermo Fisher Scientific brings the most advanced and flexible technologies to your process.

  • Multiple detector configurations to provide optimum accuracy for each application
  • Factory calibrated
  • Modular design that removes the need to cut the belt line, simplifying the installation process
  • Mounts directly onto the conveyor line
  • Designed to suit belt sizes from 600 mm to 1800 mm (24in to 72in)
  • Spectral analysis process, improved calibration methods and the latest generation electronics ensure peak accuracy
  • Applications expertise coupled with proven optimization software and highly popular user interface
  • Service staff are located around the globe for quick response times 

Sorting Applications

In many cases, a process can be optimized if the raw materials can be sorted based on material composition. This can be based on the economic metal component or the concentration of impurities. The CB Omni is perfectly suited for this type of work and rapidly determines when a material composition changes.

Blending Stockpile Applications (from multiple sources) 

One of the most popular uses of cross- belt online analysis systems is controlling stockpile grade/chemistry to meet quality targets. This ensures smoother downstream processing and provides flexibility in mining operations. Whether the stockpile is longitudinal or circular, the CB Omni allows the producer to achieve consistent stockpiles, with minimal variations within and between piles.                

The analyzer can be used for quality control by tracking the chemistry of the stockpile compared to the target chemistry, which determines the preferred proportions of the source raw materials.

Proportioning Applications

A primary determinant of pyrometallurgical process efficiency is the chemical uniformity of the feed. Feed uniformity is in turn derived from the precise dosage control for fluxes and slag-builders. Located downstream of the last component addition, a CB Omni system provides the precise control needed to reduce feed variability while at the same time minimizing raw material costs and satisfying multiple quality control targets.

The Thermo Scientific AccuLINKTM software provides a rigorous, statistical analysis and subsequent automatic implementation of calibrations into your online analyzer system. The package compares the results of your online analyzer with the site laboratory and provides in-depth data analysis in both table and graphics formats.

This software ensures the very best online accuracy possible, through continuous comparisons with the lab, and timely, automatic calibrations. In essence, we are applying laboratory type accuracy to an online instrument. This unprecedented step not only brings you the ultimate in analyzer accuracy, but it does so without any user intervention.

The CB Omni: The Best of the Best

The CB Omni analyzer is designed for peak performance with maximum flexibility and reduced installation costs.

Easily Integrates into the Conveyor Line

The CB Omni’s steel framework sits on and integrates with the conveyor line’s existing support structure. In other words, a belt line does not need to be cut to install a CB Omni. This minimizes installation complexity and costs. The CB Omni fits cleanly onto a conveyor structure with few modifications and walkways are generally not affected. Furthermore, clearance requirements between the delivery and return strand of the conveyor are minimized, such that bend pulleys used to clear the lower part of the system may not be required. 

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