Analysis Capabilities


Analysis Capabilities

The CB Omni system measures and reports various elements, the performance is application dependant and capabilities are subject to concentrations being above the limits of detection. Please contact your sales manager for measurement levels.*

*Capability is subject to concentrations being above the limits of detection.

The CB Omni can compute customer defined ratios, for example:

  • CaO: SiO2 (Basicity) 
  • SiO2:MgO
  • Ni:Fe 

Analysis Zone Configuration—Tunnel Height, Width and Detector Position

  • System accommodates all material profiles and processes
  • Tunnel width and height optimized per application
  • Adjustable detector position allows optimization to specific application

Automatic Belt Load Compensation (ABLC) 

The CB Omni incorporates the unique Automatic Belt Load Compensation feature which ensures analyzer accuracy over a range of changing production rates and belt loading. As the material loading on the belt decreases, the background signal from elements in the conveyor itself grows accordingly. If not accommodated this would increase the analyzer measurement error. The unique ABLC feature ensures that the system remains accurate no matter what loading conditions are encountered.

Integration with other Thermo Scientific Products, Providing Quality and Quantity Control 

CB Omni can be supplied with: 

  • Belt scales 
  • Weigh feeders 
  • Metal detectors 
  • Moisture analyzer 
  • Sampling system 
  • Magnetic content gauge 
  • Nautilus and AccuLINKTM

Remote Diagnostics and Assistance

All Thermo Scientific online analyzers are equipped with the capability to connect to the system from one of our regional service centers in order to provide rapid interactive assistance. The connection is made either via the web or through a dedicated telephone connection.

Analyzer Components

The CB Omni analyzer system consists of four major subassemblies:

Analyzer Assembly

A unique modular assembly and frame easily mounts onto an existing conveyor structure without cutting the conveyor structure. The analyzer assembly contains the detection and measurement mechanics of the system.

Electronics Module

Advanced, high-speed digital electronics control, process, monitor and exchange information between the Analyzer Assembly and the Operator Console.

Operator Console

The Thermo Scientific Operator Console is the user interface for the CB Omni system. The OpCon utilizes the Thermo Scientific standard software package that provides analysis data on minute-by-minute, rolling average and interval average basis; product tracking capabilities; extensive graphic functionality; alarms; and the ability to transfer data to control systems. Optionally, the OpCon can be coupled with process control software that allows either automatic or manual control of blending stockpiles or proportioning circuits.

Reference Standards

Unique modular reference standards are used to qualify and monitor system performance. 

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