AnalYzer Components

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Analyzer Components

The CB Omni Fusion analyzer system consists of four major subassemblies: 

Analyzer Assembly

A unique modular assembly and frame easily mounts onto a conveyor belt line. The analyzer assembly contains the neutron sources, the detector(s), the shielding and support frame. There is no requirement for sun-shade or restricted access to the system.

Electronics Module

Advanced, high-speed digital electronics control, process, monitor and exchange information between the Analyzer Assembly and the Operator Console. Electronics are housed in a NEMA 4X enclosure that can be located outdoors.

Neutron Generator Electronics Module

If the neutron generator option is selected, an additional electronics module for the neutron generator will be mounted to the analyzer assembly. This module contains control electronics for the neutron generator and incorporates all necessary safety features.

Operator Console

The Thermo Scientific Operator Console (OpCon) is the user interface for the CB Omni Fusion and runs the unique and state-of-the- art Omni View software package. Omni View processes, displays and archives data from the CB Omni Fusion and can be coupled with optional process control software to allow either automated or manual quality control. For additional information please reference the individual specification sheets for Thermo Scientific’s software options.

Reference Standards

Unique modular reference standards are used to qualify and monitor system performance. 

Remote Assistance

All Thermo Scientific online analyzers are equipped with the capability to connect to the system from one of our service centers in order to provide rapid interactive assistance. The connection is made either via the World Wide Web through an Ethernet connection.

Automatic Diagnostics

In addition to the remote assistance capability described above, the CB Omni Fusion comes with Thermo Scientifics’ powerful Automatic Diagnostics software.

Auto Diagnostics continually monitors, records, trends and analyzes critical system health parameters and compares the results to normal specification for use by our customer service organization. The information that Auto Diagnostics collects allows our service engineers to rapidly understand and address potential issues well before they become a problem. As well, if an unexpected system failure occurs, Auto Diagnostics provides pre-collected, historical system information that allows rapid diagnosis to help implement a quick repair.

Auto Diagnostic information is routinely monitored on a periodic basis when the system is maintained with a Thermo Scientific Product Support Agreement and if allowed by your information technology department, can send e-mail messages to your local Thermo Scientific service center notifying us of potential issues with the system. If the system is not maintained by a Thermo Scientific Product Support Agreement, information collected by Auto Diagnostics can still be accessed by our organization to rapidly diagnosis the system and effect repairs when needed. 

Analysis Capabilities

The CB Omni Fusion system measures and reports the following 

  • SiO2
  • Al2O3
  • Fe2O3
  • CaO
  • MgO
  • K2O
  • Na2O
  • SO3
  • TiO2
  • Mn2O3
  • CI
  • Moisture (optional)

The CB Omni Fusion computes the following:

  • Lime Saturation Factor
  • Silica Ratio
  • Alumina—Iron Ratio 
  • Loss On Ignition
  • Basicity
  • C3S 
  • C2S
  • C3A
  • C4 AF 
  • Total Alkali
  • Percent Liquid
  • Burnability Index
  • Burnability Factor
  • Custom Quality Formulas

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