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Rocklabs was established in 1969, as a commercial laboratory specialising in geochemical analysis and fire assaying. Since 1975 Rocklabs has been a global innovator in the sample preparation equipment field. We combine New Zealand ingenuity and technical excellence to successfully compete on the world stage. Rocklabs became a part of Scott in 2008, and has leveraged their engineering expertise, to extend our core range of products and automated systems.
Rocklabs products now play a central part in the success of leading organisations in the fields of metals and minerals research, mining and exploration around theworld. This is a testament to our ability to understand our global markets and consistently meet customer demands and expectations.


Our early achievements in the mining and exploration industries created a platform for development of equipment designed specifically for commercial and mine site laboratory environments. Whilst still being world leaders in supplying clients in these sectors, we have continued to enhance our core products and adapt them for virtually any endeavor requiring world- leading sample preparation equipment.
Rocklabs works in partnership with our customers to find a solution. We take pride in our problem solving ability and use constant two-way communication to establish and address our customers specific needs. Our partnership approach is central to our success. We often work on-site with our customers installing systems and training their people.
We work very efficiently, minimising disruption to customers operations whilst installing, testing and fine-tuning the equipment.


Rocklabs Sample Preparation equipment is used by mining, exploration and scientific research organisations in over 100 countries worldwide. This includes commercial and academic laboratories, research centers, universities, glass manufacturers and cement plants. Products extend from bench-top ring mills and sample dividers suitable for small research institutes or university laboratory environments; through to large stand-alone and combination crushers, pulverizers and rotating sample dividers for commercial or industrial laboratory, mining and exploration clients.
Rocklabs equipment is used for crushing, splitting and pulverizing a variety of materials including rocks, soil, coal, cement, glass, limestone, bricks, wood, plant material, slags and concrete for X-ray fluorescence (XRF), X-ray diffraction (XRD), wet chemistry and other instrumental methods.



Through our understanding of the mining and commercial laboratory industries, Rocklabs identified the need to integrate off-the-shelf equipment into custom-built systems, enabling streamlined product processing, cost reductions and the elimination of handling errors. Our custom systems are designed, built and “real-world” factory tested to ensure they exactly meet customer specifications, as well as addressing possible future integration needs.
Rocklabs produces site-specific designedand built automated systems for customers, which enable multiple samples or batches to be loaded at the same time. Such automation ensures minimal operator intervention in sample processing, which reduces handling errors and travel times between processing stages. Our factory acceptance testing process, ensures our automated systems work within the customers’ own environment and can be operated and maintained by their existing workforce.
This all ensures reduced long-term running costs and labour overheads, better process quality control and fewer Critical Control Points for which to monitor andmitigate risks. Robots can also be incorporated into the automated system if required, to further increase efficiency in handling samples at pin- pointed locations.
Rocklabs produce mechanised systems which include combinations of built-in machines, suitable for customers who have access to a skilled workforce, requiring minimal supervision. Operation is simple but only a single sample can be processed at a time. Mechanised systems are built  in a tower layout, the sample travelling downwards from one machine to another. There is no automation so any setting changes need to be done manually. Such systems are designed to reduce operator handling and lifting to a minimum.




Since 1997 Rocklabs have been producing internationally Certified Reference Materials primarily for the gold mining industries.
In recent years Rocklabs have extended our range to include Silver, Platinum and Palladium. Our broad range of Reference Materials, are used to monitor the analytical procedure used to determine the content of a rock or ore sample. Rocklabs maintain strict control over the Reference Materials to obtain:

  • Accuracy of assigned value
  • Homogeneity of final packaged product
  • Long term stability

Rocklabs provides a free template for plotting Reference Material results. The plotted information can review the size of bias that is being produced by the laboratory, the base line precision of the laboratory method and the percentageof out-of-control results. This information can be used to take action that willlead to more accurate analysis of future geological samples.

Our team of expert Geochemists, Engineers, Designers, Chemists, Geologists and specialists in automation and robotics are integral to the Rocklabs success story. Their extensive knowledge and highly practical experience equip us with aunique understanding of the requirements and protocols of sample preparation processes, within the global minerals and metals industries.
Rocklabs works at the heart of these industries and applies this knowledge and understanding to our extensive research and development programmes. We combine this industry knowledge with direct feedback from our customers, to actively develop new products that ensure we consistently anticipate and meet the needs of our global customer-base.

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