Progradex Sampling System



  • 100% Recovery for sampling
  • Multiple sample bites of both coarse and fine particulate taken randomly from all around and along the length of the interval providing vastly superior representivity.
  • True 360 degree annular release of frilled ore over the sampling cutters.
  • Approx 2.6m tall.
  • Lightweight construction.
  • Vastly larger apertures throughout.
  • For wet and dry sampling with modes of operation to suit conditions.
  • Blockage resistant internal surface treatments throughout.
  • All access doors safety interlocked.
  • Automatically samples on a continuous, regular sampling sequence as the interval does not need to be stored within the system prior to dumping.
  • Continuous sampling provides a consistent, regular flow of ore to exit the system so operators can visibly monitor changing ground conditions as they occur.
  • Percentage splits fully adjustable by the simple change of cutter blades.
  • Multiple bag station carousel to vastly reduce operator input. Could remove as least one operator from the entire process.



  • Any number of samples can be taken from an interval.
  • Fully automatic self leveling capability.
  • Moisture detection instrumentation to automatically change the operating mode of the system from dry mode to wet mode as conditions change without any operator input.
  • Match the number of carousel stations to the number of intervals to be taken from a hold.
  • Rig, Trailer, Skid or Truck mounting options.

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