Progradex Introduction In The MSI Website

These are the undeniable advantage of the Progradex 100% cyclone recovery followed by an unsurpassed sampling system that has been fully approved by Francis Pitard Sampling Consultants, LLC. 

1. Provide 100% recovery for sampling accuracy, contrary to all other existing cyclones that partially recover the fine particles leading to heavy, unpredictable biases.

2. Provides up to 400 complete cross-sectional slices of the interval in the sampling bag per metre (including the fines of course). This means the samples bag receives a complete cross-sectional slice of the interval every 2.5mm drilled. Other systems equivalent provides barely 5 layers per metre drilled, no fines, does not necessarily provide any “cross-sectional representation”, are subject to systematic bias and block up.

3. Progradex is fully automated and requires no sampling operator input during drilling due to having a 12-sample bag carousel. Therefore, no operators are required at the sampling system during drilling. The bags are replaced on the carousel during rod changes. No operators, which means zero harm (safety should always come first).

4. The Progradex system emits no dust and, when used in conjunction with a separate TD1200 dust collector, removes all dust emissions from around the entire drill rig which offers an unsurpassed environmentally friendly capabiity.

5. The smallest internal aperture inside the Progradex sampling system is over 13 times larger than any other system on the market and, as a result, vastly reduces potential for blockage. Furthermore, all internal surfaces inside the machine are fully surface treated with a combination of alumina ceramic wear tiles, polyurethane linings, Linatex rubber, stainless steel and urethane based 2-pack paint systems throughout (internal and external). In addition, the filters inside the sampling system are designed by Progradex for Progradex with an aluminium coated making them anti-static to help release the dust and prevent cross-contamination between intervals. It also uses two automatic pneumatic vibrators (best on market) that alternate to ensure they do not cancel each other out, one internally and one externally. In fact, to our knowledge, this system has never blocked up in any of the applications it operates in.

6. The collection and release of the samples from interval to interval is fully automatic by PLC control requiring no operator involvement other than the push of a button by the driller at the end of each interval removing all human error.

7. The sample is continuously automatically released every 10 seconds allowing the driller to constantly monitor changes in ground conditions. All other systems collect at least 1m of drill cuttings before they are released where changes in ground conditions have often already occurred (e.g. wet clay) and the collected interval then plugs in the system.

8. The Progradex system does not require levelling (within reason) because the samples are mechanically homogenised prior to splitting and are not gravity fed.

9. The system is designed for both dry and wet sampling with different automatic modes of operation and the filters are protected by a Wet Drilling Diverter Valve that diverts moist air to atmosphere rather than through the filters.

10. The system demonstrates zero systematic bias using QQ plot data even in highly broken ground where only 40% core recovery is normally achieved. It is suggested that this system actually removes ALL significant and annoying sampling biases.

11. Papers have been written that show the improvement on sample quality and mine to mill reconciliation (real data) by a minimum of 7% grade compared to an older UDR/Sandvik System that uses the RotaPort Cone Splitter in more than one study and with different mining companies and orebodies. Progradex mine to mill reconciliation has a superb record. We aim to keep samples dry and have no blockages or contamination; the competition introduces water because of their blockages and loss of fines.

The Progradex product uses the best materials of construction and proprietary products that money can buy. And, as a machine, it is not optioned. Why? Because we want to know how the machine performs in all applications without consideration for the lack of an option potentially impacting performance. We have a system that has been operating 24/7, 365 days per year since October 2010 in extremely abrasive ground and with high-levels of ground water at pH1.5. It’s still going.

If you want sampling on a budget, buy cheaper and incorrect existing sampling system. If you want to find out what is in the ground, buy Progradex. It’s that simple. The Progradex philosophy is not how much the product costs but how much money it makes. When you look at the figures on this, people should be asking themselves if they can afford to not have one. It pays for itself in a matter of hours.

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