Vezin Samplers

Our vezin type slurry sampler units are constructed from either mild steel rubber lined or moulded from polyethylene (PE) to make them more lightweight, chemically inert and more cost effective and yet retain needed sampling integrity. 

The vezin sampler designs are ‘correct’ and complaint with the highest current standards.  They are very reliable and can be operated either continuously or on a timed basis. The timed vezin can be infinitely adjustable and the accurate timer will provide the final composite sample at recommended sampling frequencies.

For the sampler to be operated on a continuous basis the primary slurry feed splits to the secondary vezin unit representatively by means of a predetermined division ratio.  This is typically suitable for the 50NB vezin samplers where each 10mm cutter width represents 1,0% of the feed reporting to sample. One to four radially tapered cutter hoods are possible.  Cutter widths of 10mm to 40mm can be accommodated.


  • Reliable primary sample division with multiple (10-30) cuts possible 
  • Every particle has an equal chance of being sampled
  • High sample division ratio possible
  • Large lid or inspection door with safety mesh included
  • Spray nozzles provided in housing for wash water
  • Cutter heads are easily replaceable
  • Representative two-stage sampling used for high flow rates exceeding 60m³/hr
  • Cutter speeds of 0,38m/s (maximum) used
  • Replicate or dual samples possible
  • 10% division ratio per stage commonly used
Recommended Pipe Diameter table

VEZIN  Section View Vezin-to-vezinVEZIN Top View Vezin Sampler

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