ESSAir Dust Collectors

ESSAir Dust Collectors

The Gold Series®

The Gold Series cartridge dust and fume collector combines enhanced performance with the ease of service while cleaning the work environment of irritating dust and fumes. The Gold Series cartridge dust and fume collector may be used for a wide range of pollution control and product recovery applications.

The Gold Series is the next generation dust collector, building on 25 years of experience with Farr APC’s Tenkay® dust collector.

Enhanced performance features with exceptional ease of installation and service make the Gold Series the ultimate choice for a clean workplace.

Featuring the Gold Cone in the center of the cartridge, cleaning is accomplished by pulse waves that emanate outward from this inner cone providing enhanced cleaning for more efficient operation, longer cartridge life and reduced service requirements.

In most cases, the Gold Series meets the 5mg/m3 or fewer emissions required to recirculate the air back into the work place on non-hazardous dusts.

Meeting airflow requirements with a 25% smaller housing allows the Gold Series to deliver premium performance at a competitive price and take up less factory floor space. The service benefits are numerous offering faster, trouble-free change-out of cartridges.

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