Micron Mill

Micron Mill

Revolutionary New Milling Process

Essa Australia has developed a very large capacity (sample masses up to 10kg) Micron Mill that utilises a patented ® “ring and spigot” milling process. This innovative milling configuration provides rapid preparation of large samples with sample division at smaller particle sizes.

It has been principally designed as a large capacity coarse mill to achieve a 95% less than 250 micron product. This results in a significant improvement in quality of the final sample which will be more representative. The whole sample can be processed in one pass.

Use of the Micron Mill will greatly enhance the division process and allow smaller samples to be reliably split. It allows for larger samples to be taken at the drill rig to be prepared in the laboratory more efficiently. It may also eliminate the need to use a fine jaw crusher for primary crushing.

The Micron Mill allows for automated loading, discharge and cleaning.

® Registered Patent No.: 2004201198

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