CRM – RSD Combo

CRM - RSD Combo


  • Highly efficient.
  • Pulverising and splitting in one operation
  • Coarse/Fine pulverising
  • Two splits only – sample and remainder. Splitting segments are available.
  • Large sample collector for up to 10kg
  • Air ducting built in for dust extraction and Head cleaning
  • Safety switches built in

In a COMBO, two machines to devices are inter-connected so a samples goes through both as one process.

The best example is Rocklabs Boyd-RSD Combo. In this combo, a sample is loaded into a Boyd Crusher. The crushed material falls into a vibrating feeder or onto a conveyor belt, which transport it to an RSD standing alongside the Boyd Crusher. The RSD splits out a portion for pulverising.

COMBOs reduce handling, increase sample output, improve sample quality and reduce costs.

COMBOs are not automated. Settings such as split percentage can be changed manually.

COMBOs are produced in small batches to minimise cost, but there can be some modifications to suit each installation. For example, a Boyd-RSD Combo normally has the RSD on the right of the Boyd but this can be reversed.

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