AFX Fusion Systems

A robotic bead fusion system that has been scaled to meet the varying production demands of XRF laboratories.

The AFX4 system is based on the hugely successful 12 furnace fusion systems that, to date, have mass-produced millions of fused beads. This compact 4 furnace system better suits the requirements of the typical production laboratory.

It contains the same reliable components and the same proven methodology as the original high capacity systems that revolutionised large scale bead fusion preparation techniques. This technology is now accessible to a wider range of end users.

It is technology that distinctly surpasses any previous methodology and apparatus currently used in XRF laboratories around the world. It provides an efficient alternative from the low volume, manually demanding, batch processing methods currently adopted.

The AFX4 cell allows for manually filled crucibles to be introduced via a conveyor. The ADFX4 cell has the added benefit of automating the sample and flux dosing stage.

AFX Fusion Systems

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